Tristar takes a market ‘first’ for Indonesia

PT Tristar Makmur Kartonindo (Tristar) is a privately owned packaging producer, based in Indonesia. The company is established with a strong mission and commitment to deliver a truly integrated solution for corrugated packaging needs, from initial consultation right through to manufacturing and delivery.

Tristar was established in 2003 to provide a complete corrugated packaging solution for customers throughout Indonesia. The company is based in Lippo-Cikarang Industrial Park, Bekasi and currently employs 400 people, producing 65 million sqm of board per annum.

“Our position as a solution provider has put us at the forefront of the future corrugated container industry,” says Robert Tirtawigoena, President Director, PT Tristar Makmur Kartonindo. “Tristar has developed over the years, with the most comprehensive machinery and facilities for designing, manufacturing, and quality testing corrugated packaging. In addition, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced people with common goals and commitments.”

He continues, “We serve mainly food and beverage industries, consumer goods industries, as well as nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Our customers are located in area in a 200km radius from our factory.”

New Corrugator

With the installation of a 2.2m Steady Line S corrugator, Tristar took delivery of the first of its type in Indonesia. In actual fact, this was also the first installation undertaken by BHS Corrugated at an independent company in Indonesia.

In replacing a second hand corrugator that had been bought from a plant in Australia, Tristar was looking for a new machine that offered high levels of automation,  such as Splice Synchronisation, automatic quality change, self-adjusting Softtouch control for glue application on the single facer. They also needed a line that offered high production efficiency and steady performance; board quality as well as board strength which is ensured by using special BHS corrugating roll profile design, was also important.

“We think the Steady Line is the most suitable for us based on our requirements when we looked for a new machine,” explains Tirtawigoena.  “The machine runs as expected.  We have more stable output in terms of machine speed and also more stable board quality compared to our old machine. Operating the machine is also easier once the operators got used to the machine, thanks to the high levels of automation.”

He continues, “BHS Corrugated has local technicians here in Indonesia, so we did not have any trouble with their support during the COVID-19 pandemic, except with some of the spare parts availability. For example, some of the bigger spare parts which required shipping by sea was difficult because of the limited availability of shipping companies. We also could not do any training during the first part of the pandemic because of the health and safety protocols, but the online support and training provided by BHS Corrugated was good.”

Tirtawigoena concludes, “Overall, it has been a good experience for us and we are happy with the Steady Line. We have seen significant savings having started running the machine in 2020, specifically paper waste reduction, less starch usage and significant reduction in downtime. All of this helps us reduce the overall cost per sqm of board produced, giving us a good competitive advantage in the market.”

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