Tecnicart Adds Wavy from Quantum

Tecnicart S.r.l. was established in 1954 in Sansepolcro, a small Tuscan town with an ancient artistic and manufacturing vocation in the province of Arezzo. The company was originally called Artigiana Scatole.

The small, privately owned business grew thanks in part to its location; it was based close to the factory of Buitoni, the well-known Italian food company, famous for its pasta and sauces. At that time, Buitoni wanted to switch from wooden boxes to corrugated boxes – so began the development of corrugated packaging at Artigiana Scatole.

During the early 1970s, Artigiana Scatole started to produce single face reels, for the packaging of biscuits and rusks, widening its relationships with other major food companies. A few years later, in June 1975, the company changed its name to Tecnicart S.r.l.

In 1991, the running of the company passed to the second generation of the family and a decade later, in 2001, Tecnicart moved to its operational headquarters, where it remains to this day; a 35,000 sqm facility, including more than 10,000 sqm
of production area.

Continual Growth

With the purposes of extending its product range and growing into new market areas, Tecnicart started the production of new paper and corrugated products. The company manufactures a wide range of corrugated products, including single face sheets, single face rolls, standard American boxes, as well as litho-laminated sheets.

It also produces microflute sheets for offset and flexo printing, which it started back in 2010; the company supplies sheet plants with this high quality microflute sheets throughout the region.

Today, the company generates over 25m in sales with just under 20 people and supplies many different types of industries, although most of its customer base can be found in the food sector.

Big Steps

The company was the first in the world to install the latest innovation from Quantumthe Wavy. Entirely built, managed and serviced by the Milan, Italy-based company, the Wavy is believed to be one of the first dedicated lines, designed and built by a corrugator manufacturer, for the inline production of single face sheets.

The Wavy has been specifically designed to respond to the requests of sheet-to-sheet laminator producers. It is most important to use high quality sheets with a uniform caliper and moisture across the working width.

Without compromise on build quality, the Wavy has been designed utilising the highest quality components and is totally aligned to all the new safety standards, adopting the latest safety devices and systems.

With its compact layout and footprint (only 35m in length), the Wavy has been designed to meet minimal space requirements. The line is fully automatic and it is available in a width of 1.8m with a maximum production speed up to 200 m/min.

At the heart of the wet-end is the VSF, which allows the production of all flute types, running any type of paper, from the very lightest to the heaviest. The dry-end has been developed based on the proven Quantum technology and experience specially adapted for this specific application.

“With the brand-new Wavy by Quantum Corrugated, our business has radically improved,” explains Carlo Zampieri, Owner, Tecnicart. “And thanks to this investment, we have achieved all the goals we set ourselves. Quantum is the perfect integrated solution for all our needs.”

Zampieri concludes, “Of course, installation was during the COVID-19 pandemic and as a small business, we had to respect the limited availability of Quantum engineers due to travel restrictions, but they helped us get the machine installed, commissioned and to train our operators in good fashion. Our vision is closely aligned with that of Quantum, so it was always going to be a win-win. The views of both companies have been matching since the very beginning and thanks to our common and shared vision, not even COVID-19 could stop us. Their support and training have been – and still are – excellent.”

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