SMC expands market with printing Inside & Outside boxes

E-commerce was a practical alternative to in-person shopping during the pandemic, but continued growth persisting through 2022 demonstrates a behavioral shift as buyers now rely upon and demand the convenience and accessibility of home delivery. With US e-commerce revenue growing by over $40 bin in 2022 year over year, companies like SMC Packaging Group (SMC) are implementing solutions to meet their customers’ unique packaging challenges.

When SMC Packaging Group decided to purchase two G-Grafix machines from BW Papersystems, a G-Grafix flexo folder gluer, and a G-Grafix rotary die-cutter, they opted to include inside printing to meet the evolving goals of their clients’ marketing teams. With a fresh focus on form in addition to function, the team at SMC found themselves working more closely with clients to address their marketing goals.

“Historically our sales reps would connect with materials managers, buyers, purchasing agents, and now we’re broadening that scope and touching base with the marketing people and the owners of those businesses to try and wow them with something else that they can do,” says Kevin Ausburn, CEO of SMC Packaging Group (pictured left).

G-Grafix machines offer inside and outside box printing to deliver a branded product that enhances the customer experience. As packaging becomes more important as an extension of the products within, marketers are looking to take the unboxing experience to the next level. With the option to add multiple inside and outside print units, the G-Grafix line of heavy-duty corrugated converting machines save time. “The margins improved, cutting down the number of passes through a machine,” said Mark McNay, Senior VP and General Manager, SMC Packaging Group (pictured below right).

As e-commerce continues to gain market share and supply chain issues persist, brick and mortar stores are struggling to maintain their foothold in the marketplace, resulting in reduced stock and fewer physical locations, creating a cycle where then more brands turn their focus to the online marketplace. Former retail powerhouses are turning to e-commerce in an attempt to maintain their market share, and standout packaging is one way to try and drive brand loyalty among customers.

“The inside print quality as an e-commerce business as a continued part of the business. It started growth obviously because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we see that it’s not going to change and go back. We see it only growing and increasing in the future. E-commerce means a lot of inside printing,” said Richard White, BW Papersystems.

“We’ve been able to present some (inside print) things to customers that they didn’t themselves think of, and they saw what we could do, and it’s kind of an ‘ah-ha’ moment when they realized they could incorporate that into their product, and what it would do to help market and promote a product they’re trying to sell, because after all – that’s what we’re trying to do – help our customers be more successful and profitable,” said Ausburn.

The versatility of the G-Grafix machines expands the offerings of a company like SMC Packaging Group. “It’s given us the opportunity to compete with really anybody that we choose to compete with from the standpoint of quality and service, flexibility, and this new equipment that we have installed has been instrumental in our ability to grow as an organization,” said McNay.

The G-Grafix rotary die-cutter’s flexographic print station provides precision control of registration by a harmonic drive register system. Impression, sheet transfer and ink metering provide the capability to print top quality, value-added process, fine screen and block work with quick and easy changeover for specific die cutting jobs, resulting in less unplanned downtime.

Supporting e-commerce trends can also include manufacturing smaller boxes. The Twin Box Slitter® demonstrates BW Papersystems’ continuous dedication to improvement and customer success. This converting machine is installed in line with mid-size flexo folder gluers, which enables box plants to double the production of their mid-size FFGs by cutting the bundles in two.

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