San Ho Paper adds LMC casemaker

Founded in 1967, San Ho Paper & Carton Co., Ltd. is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Based on a 30,000 sqm site, the factory covers almost 20,000 sqm, where they run a corrugator, two three colour flexo folder gluers, one four colour flexo folder gluer, a flat bed die-cutter – and the latest addition, a Latitude four colour flexo folder gluer. The company employs 120 people, producing a wide range of packaging solutions for customers in Taiwan, including corrugated sheets and boxes, foam, and EPE cushion materials. With a corporate policy of ‘Qualified Quality, Accurate Delivery, and Responsive service’, Sanho provide a trouble free service to its customers.

Corporate Vision

Paper and board is a well established industry in Taiwan. Sanho provide packaging solutions to various industries, such as electronics, e-commerce, biotechnology, chemical, textile, food and beverage and agricultural products.

“In order to get rid of the stereotype that the paper industry is a traditional manufacturing industry, Sanho keeps reminding all our people that we are upgraded as a service industry, rather than a manufacturing industry,” explains Mr Fu, the company’s owner. “Sanho has been in business for over 50 years; over the years, we experienced the ups and downs of paper industry. We operate and manage step by step, we fully understand that the organisation operates sustainably, which is not just a slogan, but a practice with real intentions.”

He continues, “We fully understand our responsibility for society and environment. Besides the quality policy, we also pay attention to environmental protection, labour health and safety. In order to institutionalise the organisation, we implement various international standard management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 as our company operating principles, and various national environmental protection milestone, such as Environmental Protection Label, industrial waste reduction, clean production, Green Product – all to fulfil corporate responsibility and sustainable management to coexist within the natural environment.”

Boosted Capacity

Latitude have installed a four colour PP1230-FFG flexo folder gluer with rotary die-cutter, with a working size of 1200 x 3000mm. “Considering all three of our current machines are getting old, plus growth in orders due to pandemic, we needed to add a new machine,” says Mr Fu. “We know LMC’s owner, ML Hsiao and his management for several decades. After months of assessment and verification, we placed the order for the PP1230-FFG in August 2022.”

He continues, “In spite of the supply chain crisis, congestion and shipping challenges, we had the machine delivered, installed and commissioned in March 2023, as scheduled and without any delay. We are more than happy to have this modern machine, with its faster speed, better performance, new configuration, not to mention that LMC is pretty much in the neighbourhood – it takes only 30 minutes by car to their facility. If I have any issues, I call LMC and an engineer shows up by return.”

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