Pulver Packaging Selects Komori

Front left: Toshiyasu Kubotera (President, Komori America); rear left: Kei Tanaka (VP Finance and Administration, Komori America), Miho Igarashi (Overseas Sales Group), Ken Sagawa (Overseas Sales Group), Patrick Pulver (President, Pulver Packaging) and Clark Scherer (District Sales Manager, Komori America).


Komori America has confirmed that Pulver Packaging, the Elk Grove, IL-based manufacturer of folding cartons and paperboard packaging, has purchased a six-color Komori Lithrone GX40 (GLX640) advance press with LED-UV and coater to be installed soon. A current Komori customer and third generation manufacturer of folding cartons, Pulver Packaging selected the GLX40 advance to further expand its capabilities to deliver the faster turnaround times, highest print quality and competitive pricing the company is known for providing to the variety of industries the company serves.

Pulver Packaging has been manufacturing folding cartons and paperboard packaging since 1958. By investing in the latest innovative industry technologies and having a customer-­first philosophy, Pulver Packaging has grown to be viewed as an industry leader in its field.

“We are excited to welcome this new press to our fleet of Komori presses,” said Patrick Pulver, President, Pulver Packaging. “The tipping point in choosing the GLX40 advance was the speed it delivers and the significant productivity increases we are looking forward to. We have been planning to invest in a new press for quite some time. When Komori introduced its advance press series, it was a no-brainer. In making this investment, we anticipate the enhancements inherent in this press will allow us to do the work of three of the presses that we have on the floor right now.”

Improved Efficiencies

The sophistication of the Komori advance series makes it possible for the press to run at a maximum speed of up to 18,000 sheets per hour on a wide range of common commercial print stocks used in packaging production. The inclusion of LED-UV and a coater on the new press will support the company’s ability to achieve the eye-catching visual effects its customers want. Additional key drivers in the selection of the GLX640 advance included improved efficiencies in make-readies and up-to-the-minute process controls, such as inline color control and automated changeover functions.

“Pulver Packaging is a loyal Komori customer with a forward-thinking philosophy when it comes to investing in technology that provides the ability to exceed customer demands,” said Clark Scherer, District Sales Manager, Komori America. “The GLX640 advance aligns well with this philosophy as it offers the expanded capabilities the company is excited about delivering to its customers.”


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