More Gluing Capacity for Thimm

Thimm has commissioned a high-performance converting line for its Czech corrugated board plant for around €3m. The new folder gluer and auxiliary unit doubles production capacity compared to previous systems. The new machine will also relieve the workload of operators in terms of ergonomics and productivity.

Only a short time after dismantling the previous folder gluer, the new BOBST MASTERFOLD 230 A4 started operation at the Všetaty production plant. The new production line is currently the fastest system at the Czech site and will increase production capacity to up to 70 million boxes per year. Thimm is planning to use the folder gluer for standard packaging in large runs with, for example, 4-point gluing and an operating width of up to 2.3m, which can also be processed at full speed. Complex shipping packaging for the e-commerce industry and shelf-ready packaging for the consumer goods industry can also be created.

“This investment will also lead to additional capacities for our customers to produce customised special packaging on the existing machines,” says Kornelius Thimm, CEO, Thimm Group. “This ultimate mix of fast and efficient standards in conjunction high-quality and sophisticated specialities will enable us to deliver even better solutions for our customers.”

Kornelius Thimm, CEO, THIMM Group

The machine continuously checks gluing quality during processing and ejects faulty packaging without human intervention. The machine also runs more quietly and more energy-efficiently than its predecessor.

Behind the folder gluer, the new Bobst SPEEDPACK automatic packaging system relieves Thimm employees of heavy physical work. This also increases the degree of automation and productivity, as the ergonomically designed packing system counts and stacks the boxes, straps them in the further process and automatically transfers them to palletising using the new conveyor technology. According to Bobst, all this reduces the workload by up to 60% and eliminates those health risks that can arise from repeated strains.

Thimm continues, “In addition to cost-effectiveness, our focus is also on relieving strain on our skilled staff. We are all pleased with the technical and ergonomic advantages that the new machine offers our employees. We hope that these many measures to ease workload strain will encourage even more people to pursue a promising career in the packaging industry. There are still many production positions to be filled throughout Europe in Thimm Group.”

Following on from the last major investments, the new machine constitutes one more building block in the consistent expansion of Thimm’s portfolio in the Czech market. In combination with the new conveyor technology, the recently installed corrugator and the digital laser die-cutter, the machines form a strong unit for expanding the packaging portfolio for the consumer goods industry, enabling the company to meet regional market requirements even better. Further investments in 2023 are planned for Všetaty.

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