Krystals invest in high volume multi-point gluer

Lincoln, UK-based Krystals has recently installed a new 2400mm Tanabe JD BoxR multipoint gluer with high speed e-commerce gluing capabilities from Enpro GmbH. Paul Corris of C-TEC Systems explains, “After considerable research and many miles travelled to find the right solution, Krystals chose to purchase this equipment as it provided excellent all-round capabilities and overall performance. We are delighted with this installation at Krystals as it’s both technically advanced and an extremely robust machine that will stand the test of time for Krystals.”  

The Tanabe JD-BoxR is the result of many years of ‘in the field’ development, incorporating tried and tested technology that has been brought together by Netherlands based JD Engineers and Tanabe of Japan.  

Arron Shingdia Joint Managing Director of Kystals comments, “Operationally, the JD BoxR appealed to us very much as it is an extremely user-friendly machine, so much so, that the crews who were new to operating a multi-point folder gluer were able to learn how to use the machine proficiently within a matter of weeks. The JD BoxR’s control system is fully integrated and can easily be set from any of the three 19” touchscreen operating stations.”

He continues, “Safety for us was also a key point in purchasing the Tanabe JD BoxR, as it has such a comprehensive package of features ensuring that our operators are well safeguarded at all times. With LED light status indication, operators can see and safely resolve potential problems quickly.”

Aaron Shingdia and Paul Corris

Left to right: Arron Shingdia and Paul Corris


Support is key

Service and back up were also a primary consideration for Krystals in partnering with a global service organisation like JD Engineers. Shingdia says, “As a company, we take great pride in the level of service we provide our customers. So it is only natural that we expect similar levels of service from our equipment suppliers; we are confident that we will be well supported by JD Engineers, ensuring excellent machine up time and on-going support.”


For e-commerce

The high speed Enpro WTB fully automatic gluing unit is one of the first of its kind to be installed in the UK and offers dual hot-melt silicon seal and re-seal applicators and also incorporates tear tape functionality.

“This state of the art system is specifically designed for fulfilling the packaging needs of our existing e-commerce customers now and in the years to come,” adds Shingdia.

Doeke Holtrop of JD Engineers concludes, “Since its launch, the installation of this latest line follows on the from the considerable success we have achieved with the JD BoxR in the UK and Irish markets. Where already, we have ten machines installed to date. The combination of the Tanabe JD BoxR and the Enpro WTB are proving to be a highly successful combination for us.”




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