Harman Packaging adds TCY flexo folder gluer

Harman Packaging, an independent packaging company based in the north of England, recently took a bold step, and built a new box plant driven by a vision to redefine their standards of corrugated box production.

Determined to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to their clients, they recently installed a state-of-the-art 4-colour TCY 50” x 118” Flexo Folder Gluer, which has played a pivotal role in transforming their packaging processes and propelling them towards growth and success.

Having started the business with older, used equipment, Harman Packaging quickly established itself as a trusted supplier, with a particular focus in foods market.

Majed Hussain, owner of Harman Packaging, explains, “We had built a reputation within our customer base, and with a particular focus on the food market. However, we had been running our existing equipment to maximum capacity and it was not allowing us to grow any further or take advantage of the opportunities our customers were bringing to us. So, we began the search for a new casemaker.

“I had asked around the industry about who we should talk to and the answer of TCY kept coming back. This was encouraging, particularly as it was engineering and field personnel that were telling me this, and that TCY produce well engineered, well proven, and capable machinery. That and the fact that I could deal directly with TCY sealed the deal and we agreed a specification to move forward with,” he adds.

Well Specified

The new N-Series was ultimately selected as it offers the latest evolution of the open and close flexo folder gluers, with Smart-Tech touch-screen set-up and full computer control. Harman Packaging specified their line as a traditional top printer with added die cut unit for simple tooling and part die cut cases.

Hussain adds, “We were already in the food market and our customers were demanding shelf-ready-packaging solutions, so a die-cut section was a no-brainer. This new 4-colour line has print sections with double doctor blade ink systems and dust extraction on the feeder so we can now provide the multi-colour boxes that our customers have been asking us for. We have the full smart-tech suite, and the latest in counter ejector technology from TCY, which means we are faster and can supply the higher volume markets that were previously unavailable to us. Our customers receive high quality, accurately counted and bundled boxes on pallets in any quantity.”

The Smart Tech system allows for simple order uploads, easy operator machine sets, clear order flow management, 100% accurate job recall, machine settings and register positions, plus pin-point error reporting and maintenance reminders.

With the new N-Series FFG, Harman Packaging have seen increased functionality, greater production feedback, greater production capability, much faster set-ups and less operator skill coupled with the robust and durable construction that TCY machines are renowned for – a solid production workhorse at heart that can operate at up to 250 sheets per minute.

Hussain concludes, “Since installation, we have also been able to develop into other markets, particularly the e-commerce printed market – our production is now more diverse, future-proofed, faster and high quality and we are well supported by TCY to get the best from our investment.”

How it Works

Following installation and machine commissioning, TCY begin the first phase of its extensive training and customer support program. Starting with machine training of all components and a detailed look at the Smart Tech operation, they then tailor the operator training relative to the specific production requirements of the plant – and in the case of Harman Packaging, it was SRP and flood-printed sheet work over and above standard case work.

Once this phase is complete the machine is in a production ready state. However, TCY open a dedicated 24hr support group, usually via WhatsApp, so supervisors have direct access to a technical team based in Taiwan to answer any and all issues that come up, in real-time.

Crucially, this is then followed up with a planned return site visit by the technical team to offer re-training, machine calibration where necessary and training of new crew. TCY also take a deeper dive in to the machine operation detail to improve operator knowledge and skill. Their experience here has shown tremendous results in the production efficiency, and the customer feedback from this service is always very rewarding.

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