Greenfield site in Guatemala

Founded in 1991, by Fernando Magdalena Salgado, Cartones de Guatemala SA is a leading producer of corrugated board and packaging for a wide range of industries in the Central American country of Gutemala. Its offices are located in Guatemala City and its production site is in Morales Izabal, about 240km north-east from the capital and close to the Caribbean sea.

The company is managed by a team of industry professionals, committed to efficient production, high quality packaging and customer satisfaction. The granting of ISO 9001: 2015 Certification is just one way that the company ensures best in class service for its customers, which include national manufacturers of glass products, agricultural goods, poultry, food, drink, pharmaceuticals and general industry. The company produces a wide range of corrugated solutions, including single, double and triplewall packaging, in a diverse range of flutes and combinations and all with high quality flexo print.

Greenfield Site

Most recently, Cartones de Guatelama SA opened a new, greenfield facility in the town of Escuintla, which is about 65km south-west of the nation’s capital city. The facility housed under 33,000 sqm of buildings. The establishment of this second site expands the company’s geographic footprint in Guatemala, allowing national coverage for its growing customer portfolio.

At the heart of the new plant is a Fosber S/Line 370 2.5m complete corrugator. The state-of-the-art machine started up on 26th April. The line is able to produce a wide range of corrugated board and runs single and doublewall board, specifically for heavy duty trays for fruit and vegetables. This new line is also ready for the future installation of a third single facer, which will allow the plant to produce triplewall board. A complete materials handling system from NE Engineering and flexo converting equipment from BW Papersystems make this one of the most sophisticated corrugated board plants in Central America.

The company chose to run the Pro/Care package on the corrugator as well, which gives total machine overview and learning. Pro/Care includes:

  • CCM (Corrugator Consumption Monitoring) module that measures actual steam, electrical power, compressed air and starch consumption during operation of the corrugator.
  • CMD (Corrugator Machine Diagnostics) module that constantly monitors all the main motors and their associated kinematic chains, simultaneously cross referencing this data with the actual running conditions and type of production on the corrugator.
  • CAD (Corrugator Advance Diagnostic) module for In-depth machine functionality analysis.

“We are honoured to be counted as the partner of choice for the Magdalena family,” states Massimiliano Bianchi, President and Managing Director, Fosber Group. “Choosing the S/Line 370 is a great move, as it gives plenty of capacity for future growth and development of the business over the coming years.”


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