From Recycled Paper Supplier to Industry Disruptor

BW Papersystems has partnered with Jackson Paper Manufacturing in Sylva, NC since 2016 as they transitioned from a standalone recycled paper mill to a partially integrated sheet feeder plant system operating as Sustainable Corrugated. Since 2016, they have added two corrugators in Georgia and North Carolina, with a third planned for 2024 at a new location west of JPM.

“The ability to convert our own paper into corrugated sheets has improved our business and opened us up to a group of independent box producers who appreciate that we only sell to sheet plants because we aren’t competing with them for customers,” said Carr Tyndall, President and Chief Operating Officer, Jackson Paper Manufacturing.

Additionally, their customers trust and rely on JPM to be an environmentally friendly supplier of 100% recycled medium containerboard – a growing concern among customers and end-users alike. Their paper is certified to Forest Stewardship Council® standards and increases the total recycled paper content of the finished products.

“When they decided to install their first corrugator, we helped their team with site selection, hiring and training, plant layout, and supporting equipment specifications,” said Jim Farmer, Sales Executive, BW Papersystems.

“We’re in this together, as partners, and we’ve overcome challenges through a relationship based on trust that has led to their growth and expansion to two plants with the planned installation of a third corrugator at a new site in 2024,” Farmer added.

First Plant in Dalton, GA

The first plant, located in Dalton, GA, started with a mix of new and pre-owned, equipment, all of which has been updated to new equipment to meet production demands as the business grew.

The transformative alliance with BW Papersystems has paved the way for enhanced operational excellence, setting new benchmarks of sustainability and profitability. BWP has advised and empowered the team at JPM with cutting-edge machinery, comprehensive team training, and an unwavering determination to grow their business.

The ability to sell paper to sheet feeders who manufacture corrugated board for sheet plants allows JPM to be vertically integrated and use their mill’s production internally. “That gave us real stability, so we didn’t have to sell 100% to the open market. Because of that success we were able to put the next corrugator in NC, which gave us access to a significant market in the NC, VA, SC region and further increased the mill’s integration,” said Tyndall.

Second Sheet Feeder in Morganton, NC

“With the second corrugator up and running in Morganton, NC, our own sheet feeders became our largest customers,” said Tyndall.

The BWP corrugator was designed to provide maximum flexibility to suit the wide range of customers served by this sheet feeder operation. Once completed, BW Papersystems CorrU Pro offers a comprehensive program to maintain, preserve, and protect the corrugator and ensure that everything is running to OEM Standards.

This program approach involves setting and enforcing cleaning and inspection expectations, equipment wear, and mechanical assessment, proactive reporting and follow-up, and automatic record keeping and preventative maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime.

Additionally, CorrU Pro includes training the operations and maintenance personnel with the industrial skills to stay in tune with the corrugator. “Using advanced tools, we should be able to track and record metrics for safety and process improvement. This helps us determine what to do for preventative maintenance on a regular basis to ensure reliability and up-time on our corrugator,” said Chris LeMaster, Plant Manager of Sustainable Corrugated in Morganton, NC.

The Third will be on the Cutting Edge

When asked why they chose a BW Papersystems corrugator for their ongoing projects, Tyndall said, “BWP stood behind their machines and helped us out again, which is why we decided to go with them for the new third corrugator. We knew they would stand behind us and support us.”

Their third complete corrugator, featuring a Vanguard singlefacer, is planned for 2024. “The third sheet feeder will give us good geographically-suitable sales around the mill, so we have sales in Dalton to the southwest, Morganton to the east, and now sales to the west. The third corrugator also provides more redundancy to serve our customers, so we can guarantee reliable supply for our customers,” said Tyndall

Regarding the equipment they chose for this project, Tyndall added “The Vanguard singlefacer is like a tank. They just run – no issues.”

The team at Sustained Corrugated is constantly trying to find ways to maximize their output and hone their machines capabilities despite running many short orders. They are able to cut splices out at speeds over 800 fpm. “We’re always pushing the limits, trying to maximize our output, said LeMaster. “We’ve tested 99¾” board on our 98″ corrugator, and it’s run perfectly. We are always learning how we can run faster and more efficiently.”

“We’ve found a real partner in BWP,” said Alan Clark, CEO, JPM. “From plant layout and component selection to operator training and preventative maintenance, we count on BWP to be an extension of our team. Our teams’ shared values and goals have created a strong foundation for a successful and enduring partnership. We are committed to quality, excellence, customer focus, and consistency in product and process, all which lead to continuous improvement and growth.”

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