Foshan Dongda Packaging adds Pro/Line

Originally founded in 1996, Foshan Dongda Packaging Co. Ltd. became part of Shanying Group, as it merged with Shanying International Holdings in 2020.

Shanying International Holdings is an international enterprise that integrates recycled fibre recovery, industrial and specialty paper manufacturing, packaging production and industrial Internet platforms. With solid presence in China and a global vision, Shangying International has deployed activities in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, Canada, US, Australia and other countries. It has over 40 renewable resource trading companies, 12 industrial and specialty paper mills, 58 packaging plants and three industrial Internet platforms. It has been listed in Fortune China 500 for eight consecutive years.

Dongda Packaging provide integrated packaging solutions, such as packaging consulting, structural optimisation, design and printing, production, logistics and distribution. In-house laboratory facilities ensure that all pack designs are rigorously tested, both for ECT and Burst strength.

They are committed to becoming one of the leading producers of fibre-based packaging in South China. Having been established in 1996, the company relocated to a new site in Cangjiang Industrial Park, Gaoming District, Foshan City in 2007.

The company provides all kinds of corrugated boxes, cartons and other paper packaging products for home appliances electronics, food and beverage, FMCG, ceramic sanitary goods, car parts and other general industries. Other recent market growth has been seen in e-commerce packaging over the last few years. Thanks to a dedicated fleet of its own trucks, deliveries are undertaken 24 hours per day, to ensure rapid delivery and shortest lead times.

Sam He, General Manager, Dongda Packaging, said, “The development of the Chinese corrugated packaging market is rapid and ever-changing, with customer order demands increasingly varied.”

Brand New Facility

In 2021, the company, with backing of Shanying Group, rolled out plans for a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Not only would the new site house best-in-class equipment, the company dedicated significant resources to providing accommodation for workers, as well as modern, open-plan offices and relaxation spaces.

As part of its latest investment plan, Dongda Packaging specified a Fosber Pro/Line 300 complete corrugator at the heart of the new facility. “Corrugator configuration was an important factor for us,” said Sam He. “We needed a machine that could provide corresponding configurations based on different production requirements, allowing us to more quickly meet customer demands and improve production flexibility. In addition, we wanted a company with local after-sales service team that could provide professional technical support with a fast response. Fosber Asia was our choice – the flexibility of their spare parts dispatch is an important guarantee for stable equipment production, creating more possibilities for sustained profitability.”

He continues, “Before installation, Fosber Asia would communicate with us in depth to develop a detailed installation plan. The on-site installation personnel of Fosber Asia carried out their work and equipment installation procedures strictly according to European standards. In addition, the entire installation process was supervised to promptly monitor the installation process and adjust the installation plan based on actual conditions.”

The machine is a 2.5m model, running a doublewall wet-end, single level dry-end. Thanks to the latest generation of splicer and mill-roll stands, coupled with SMART single facers, the line produces a wide range of corrugated board, which is then moved to the converting department by an automatic materials WIP and handling system.

Printing and converting takes place on a series of lines, including a Shinko five colour flexo folder gluer, and a KL flexo rotary die-cutter.

Next Steps

Although the company is relishing the uplift in capacity since the installation of the new Fosber Pro/Line, it is not content to rest on its laurels! With the operators developing more and more understanding of the new corrugator, the production levels are increasing month on month. With a capacity of over 120 million sqm of board, the future of this new facility looks good, rewarding the faith of parent company Shanying Group.

Sam He concludes, “We have high hopes for the future development of Fosber Asia, and are hopeful that European advanced technology can quickly integrate with the Chinese market demands. We hope that Fosber can accelerate the localisation process, promoting the rapid integration of Chinese corrugated industry technology with world corrugated technology, achieving rapid integration and upgrading of the industry at large.”

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