Foremost Graphics chooses HP Indigo 15K digital press to deliver retail packaging and high-impact print

Foremost Graphics, a Michigan-based print service provider, has taken delivery of the new HP Indigo 15K Digital Press solution to deliver cost-effective retail packaging applications and higher impact commercial print.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Foremost operates a diverse business model spanning across commercial print and packaging. The new HP Indigo 15K HD Digital Press is Foremost’s first investment in an HP Indigo or B2 digital platform for the company, which will be retiring a half-sized offset press as it expands digital operations.

“We decided to take a step forward in technology with HP Indigo. The versatility of the HP Indigo 15K is a perfect fit for our business because it serves both sides of our company that combines commercial print and packaging. The capability of this commercial press to cross over into short-run digital packaging sealed the deal,” said Brian Vanderhooning, CEO, Foremost Graphics. “We are excited to become part of the HP family and tap into unique growth opportunities.”

Foremost’s new HP Indigo 15K is the first commercially released unit of the press.

The HP Indigo 15K press raises the bar for B2 format printing with print quality with new high definition HD print modes, support for thicker substrates up to 24 pt (600 microns), and new high-value, high-impact inks such as premium white and security inks.

Thick printed backings for blister cards and blister packaging are a key application slated for production on the new press. According to Vanderhooning, demand for short runs is surging due to proliferating SKUs across verticals, especially for small houseware retail items and automotive.

Thanks to the new HP Indigo technology, Foremost also intends to develop business in security printing, using HP Indigo Invisible Yellow ElectroInk, variable data printing and track and trace solutions from HP workflow partners.

“Our customers have been asking for digital to secure their brand products, wanting to enhance with embedded security techniques,” he said. “Our goal is to do maximize every aspect of this new technology and bring value to our customers with print innovation,” said Vanderhooning.

Using seven ink stations, the new HP Indigo 15K press can deliver unlimited color combinations including 14 application specific inks and unlimited brand spot colors. In addition, the HD capability offers new FM print modes with high LPI screens for the sharpest that bring HD imaging technology to its sharpest, smoothest, most detailed image quality.

The Foremost team will be working toward a three-shift workday to deliver maximum capacity on the press.  The 29-inch press is compatible with Foremost’s existing packaging finishing equipment.

Foremost intends to take full advantage of apps offered by HP PrintOSx for automation, color control and more. Foremost is G7 certified, and it will be able to easily achieve certification on the HP Indigo 15K press to satisfy its brand corporate clients.  At the click of a button, HP Indigo press owners can submit for Idealliance®  G7 Master Qualification, with no human intervention, to ensure consistent, color quality at any time.



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