For Bromberger Packungen, it is all about quality and partnership

In a company that is almost 120 years old, investments tend to be made over longer periods of time. When Bromberger Packungen GmbH was looking for a new offset press, it was therefore not just a question of the right technology, but above all a partnership at eye level and with a perspective.

Based in Donaueschingen, Germany, Bromberger Packungen produces folding cartons, displays and advertising media in high quality and wide range of manufacture. The company’s portfolio also includes the development and custom design of folding cartons based on the requirements of demanding customers and in close cooperation with them.

Added to this are extensive options for print finishing and postpress processing. In the end, customers – mostly medium-sized and market-leading companies in the premium end of their segment – receive from Bromberger a complete solution from a single source, including delivery to the end customer if required.

Together with the high level of automation of the new Speedmaster XL 106, the main reason for Christof Bromberger to was the service promise from HEIDELBERG. “For us, it’s all about commitment and authenticity, and about the perspective of a partnership with our supplier for the next decades,” explains Bromberger.

And this is precisely the perspective he sees with a partner like Heidelberg. Bromberger praises the short makeready times, high productivity, and quality output combined with lower waste delivered by his new Speedmaster XL 106-6+LYYL with double coating. “This made it easy for the employees to adopt this new system,” he says. “Even long-serving employees really gave it their all. Just like the instructors who helped us navigate all the challenges during the training phase of the sometimes challenging supplier switch.”

Current trends

Several topics are currently of concern to nearly all printing companies: quality, sustainability, productivity, and the shortage of labour and staff. The latter has become a major problem for many print shops. What needs to be done?

In addition to optimizing the speed of the press in the packaging area to up to 21,000 sheets per hour, the aim is to consistently automate the entire printing process.

The entire operating concept and intelligent automation are therefore just as important as printing speed. Shorter makeready times, or no additional makeready time for substrate and format changes thanks to the fully automatic preset functionality, autonomous printing from the last to the first good sheet are just some of the functionalities that help to increase productivity and also significantly reduce the waste rate.

All of this helps reduce costs and, furthermore, serves sustainability. Additionally, automation also mitigates the skilled labour shortage. While qualified professionals are still necessary, the smarter the machine and the more automated the process, the higher the quality and the lower the likelihood of errors.

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