€170m investment for TRICOR

TRICOR Packaging & Logistics AG is investing a total of approximately €170m to construct a sustainable box plant in Weeze/Goch region, located near the Dutch border in western Germany. This state-of-the-art facility will produce heavy-duty corrugated board and is expected to start production in third quarter of 2025.

The new site has a planned production capacity of up to 200m sqm of heavy-duty corrugated board per year. Tricor has purchased a 166,000 sqm plot of land. This new facility will cover approximately 130,000 sqm, creating numerous employment opportunities for highly skilled individuals. TRICOR’s investment of approximately €170m in this project is in line with their growth strategy. Günther Burkhard, Chief Finance Officer, confirmed that the required funds for the project were released by RENGO, Tricor’s Japanese parent company.

According to Co Kroon, Chief Business Development Officer of TRICOR, the company has decided to construct their modern production facility near the Dutch border due to its strategic location. “The proximity to the Dutch border played an important role in our decision to choose this location. This gives us a better position to cover the Benelux countries, the Ruhr region, northern France, and Scandinavia,” says Kroon.

The new box plant will be capable of producing heavy duty and conventional grades of corrugated board at a planned production speed of 400 m/min, with a working width of 2.8m. Along with the corrugator, the facility will also be equipped with rotary and flatbed die-cutting machines, as well as jumbo inliners with working widths ranging from 3.2 to 6.5m. The plant will feature fully automated production lines for Tricor’s scalable innovations, the Quick Bin and the Quick Box. Once fully operational, the plant will boast one of the highest levels of automation in the industry, achieved using modern production facilities, fully automatic transport systems, high-bay warehouse technology, and process control systems that link everything together.

Tricor’s new plant will be constructed in compliance with high energy efficiency standards, with the goal of minimising the need for heating during winter and cooling during summer. Additionally, the facility will incorporate a 3.3 megawatt solar power generation system. “By investing in sustainable and resource-saving production techniques, the new plant will seamlessly align with our green strategy,” says Klaus Wiblishauser, Chief Operations Officer.

The new factory, with its high degree of automation, will offer a pleasant and safe working environment for employees and represents a significant milestone in Tricor’s growth strategy. “By establishing ourselves in the Weeze/Goch region, we are significantly expanding our sales and service reach,” says Robert Wiblishauser, CEO. “This brings us closer to existing customers and, based on our high competitiveness, we also aim to establish new customer relationships. This not only promotes economic development in the region, but also strengthens our position as one of the leading providers of heavy-duty corrugated packaging in Europe.”

Thomas Aust, Chief Sales Officer, added, “We are focused on continuing our growth strategy to meet customer expectations in terms of high delivery reliability and product quality, and to acquire new customers.”

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