Cepac’s digital investment continues

UK-based Cepac has confirmed plans to double the size of its decorative packaging and display operation at its site in Doncaster. The multi-million pound project will commence in Spring 2017 and follows the installation of a second digital press — an HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press — in April this year in order to produce innovative packaging with outstanding graphics with very short customer lead times.

Steve Moss, Sales & Marketing Director says, “Our investment in state of the art printing and manufacturing is not just about meeting customer requirements but being able to exceed their expectations. We are doubling the size of our premises and more than halving customer lead times, offering unrivalled innovation, quality, service and response.”

Mr Moss stresses the importance of combining Cepac’s customer service organisation with new technology. “Cepac is a pioneering company with a strong track record in terms of creating the new benchmark. Building upon our reputation for customer service and support, it is no surprise that digital has been able to revolutionise our offering. The packaging world can be traditional and reluctant to change although there is now the opportunity to break away from conventional means of production. Highly printed packaging is now available on demand without the constraint of either long lead times or stockholding. The market for POS and decorative packaging is changing in response to the evolving retail market. In these days of rapidly changing demand, Cepac are able to offer a service proposition which is truly transformational.

“For many consumers and customers the range of graphics currently available can represent a wide and bewildering complexity. Cepac employs several different printing technologies including Flexo Pre-print and Post print, Offset Litho, Screenprint and Digital and all have their respective strengths and weaknesses,” explains Mr Moss. “We consider that Digital print will revolutionise our industry not only with respect to graphics but also in transforming the way that corrugated is ordered and supplied, focusing on the customers’ needs and requirement for fast response and excellent product presentation.”

The major expansion programme at Doncaster combines new machines and the manufacturing space required to support expanded sales. It will also include an enlarged design department, focused around the customer experience on site. Customers are encouraged to visit to review concepts and options, oversee their new developments and orders, and to observe and approve as print and final product is generated on demand.

Mr Moss added, “Cepac are pioneers and our aim is to challenge and improve processes for our customers. We have the capability to supply smaller quantities on demand which not only enables the supply of corrugated packaging with outstanding graphics to satisfy customers’ express requirements, but eliminates complexity. No longer is there the need, for example, for a staged print approval process and the requirement for stockholding.” 

Cepac’s print offering — ‘Cepac Express’ — spearheaded by digital, is designed to meet the requirement for fast, on demand service targeted at smaller quantities. It is now available on demand for tailor made Point of Sale and decorative packaging. 

Cepac considers its team as essential to the provision of ‘Cepac Express’ and its advanced technology offering. In a technological world there is the requirement for high calibre people who can understand the impact of new technology and relate the benefits to customers. “Our people are most definitely our most important asset. We train extensively in-house with the support of HP for development and support. The key talents we look for in our people are a ‘state of mind’ including technological aptitude and a ‘can do’ attitude. The technology is so dynamic that product familiarisation and training are our constant pre-occupation,” says Mr Moss.

The Doncaster operation was established in 1979 and has an established reputation for innovative design and high quality graphics, both underpinned by excellent customer service. Digital printing was introduced in 2012 with the installation of an HP Scitex 7600 which provided the original platform to reduce lead times and transform levels of customer response, principally in Point of Sale and Display. The building extension provides the flexibility to develop and substantially extend the existing modern premises.

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