Cartotrentina invests in high quality print

For the wine industry, bottles of fine wine and champagne require equally fine packaging, elegant in design and with perfectly defined images, almost like high definition photographs. For these fine wine producers, the corrugated box must assist in communicating a clear message and reflect the value of the bottle produced by the prominent wine maker. There are some converters who focus their attentions on producing suitable packaging solutions for these high end wine makers, one being Cartotrentina.

Cartotrentina is a leading Italian producer of high quality corrugated packaging. The company is located in the province of Trento and is trusted by many large Italian and European companies who are looking for the ultimate in high-quality packaging. Within the industry, the company is widely acknowledged for its expertise and know-how, particularly when it comes to high-quality flexo printing. As the company continues to help set the benchmark for the type of boxes being used in the wine industry, it continues to invest in converting machinery. Its latest investment has been in a Chroma Print High Tech 1700.

Good relations
Cartotrentina is a long-standing Celmacch customer, having been running an XFP 1600 flexo printer some years now. “In order to cope with the increase in production volumes and offer their customers a higher-quality final product, the company decided to invest in a new six colour Chroma Print 1700,” says Luca Celotti, Sales Director. “They chose a machine in an off-line configuration, with stacker and all available options.”

The machine is equipped with a direct-drive motor belt feeder, carbon fibre doctor blade system with an automatic washing system and an automatic system for changing the anilox rollers, which can accommodate up to three anilox rollers in each printing unit.

“Box manufacturers have ever increasing expectations placed on them, such as ‘zero defect’ orders and total quality control,” continues Celotti. “To provide the necessary tools and make the line even more efficient, Cartotrentina opted for a sophisticated system for automatic registration and a zero defect quality control system, developed to provide perfectly printed boxes.”

He continues, “Celmacch installed the latest automatic registration control system as well. This allows the operators to correct and monitor the machine’s registration at all time, thus reducing operator labour. Special chambers have been designed to ensure perfect print registration, assisting the operators during the registration phase and guaranteeing constant control of the print registration without any variations over the length of the run.”

Celmacch also installed a quality assurance system developed together with Erhardt+Leimer. Thanks to this new inspection device, the quality of the product is compared to the customer’s reference image. Discrepancies in content or structure of the printed image are reliably detected, avoiding production errors. The printed sheets are continuously monitored during production to avoid errors.

“Thanks to this investment, Cartotrentina has added another high-tech machine to its set up, in the knowledge that only the best technology, combined with the professionalism of its staff, ensure packaging of the highest quality standard and a leading position in the industry,” concludes Celotti. “Over teh last few years, we have seen growth in our business, not just in terms of sales, but also the investments we have made in technological development of our product line.”

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