CartoMicro adds a second EMBA Ultima

Founded in 1989, CartoMicro in Mexico began its journey in the corrugated board industry. They started as a corrugated production company, but over time, new processes and technology were incorporated such as manufacturing single and doublewall corrugated in different flutes, as well as the production of folded and die-cut boxes for different uses and sectors.

As the demand for the company’s products increased, storage and delivery logistics were also incorporated to effectively meet customers’ needs, which has been one of CartoMicro’s main focuses right from start.

“We stand out for flexibility and reliability. We have a special focus on attention and service to our customers, continually improving the value offer based on market needs. We investigate, develop and incorporate technology, processes and materials based on this,” explains Jorge Velázquez Bonilla, COO.

At the establishment of the business, CartoMicro was mainly focused on serving the local market, but during the following years, they have expanded to deliver not only throughout Mexico but even to international destinations such as the United States, Europe and Asia. CartoMicro serve the needs of several sectors including the industrial sector (automotive, textile, electronics, furniture, and others) and agri-food sector (fresh, processed and beverages) and their customers are distributors.

In 2018, to improve quality and service in their box converting division, CartoMicro made an important investment by acquiring a casemaker from EMBA. Observing a market demand oriented towards smaller volume production – but still a demand for high quality and price sensitive – the choice was made for an EMBA Ultima. CartoMicro’s expectations of the machine contributing to a continued growth have been met.

“The machine has met our expectations of availability, productivity, quick order changes and quality, currently being one of the company’s most valuable assets. It allows us to manufacture everything from large quantities of industrial boxes to high-performance products for specialised sectors,” confirms Jorge Velázquez Bonilla.

Anders Troedsson, Area Sales Manager, EMBA, comments, “Receiving this kind of response is something we value highly, when we meet our customers’ demands and expectations then we have succeeded with our work – focusing on customer-driven development. We are proud to have delivered a fast and flexible machine, with short set-up times, that will allow CartoMicro to provide a diverse range of products and help them increase their capacity as they continue to expand their business.”

It has undoubtedly been essential for CartoMicro that the investment in an EMBA Ultima has generated a high volume, high quality box production. But an additional significant reason for the decision to invest in another EMBA Ultima in 2023 is the support and service CartoMicro experience that EMBA has provided both before, during and after the installation of the machine. Jorge Velázquez Bonilla adds, “Regardless of what questions we have, we always receive full support from EMBA. Throughout our cooperation, they have always delivered what they promised. The confidence we have in EMBA is very high”.

Only two weeks after the installation of latest machine begun, start-up of box production started. A well-functioning and successful installation is based on good cooperation between both parties before delivery, but undoubtedly during installation.

“The installation of an EMBA machine is always preceded by clear instructions to have a process as smooth as possible. In CartoMicro’s case, the conditions for an efficient installation and start-up have been absolutely right both of the times and they have followed our instructions to the full. In addition to that, they have also adopted our advice regarding maintenance and operation of machines in the best way,” confirms Camilla Larsson, Manager Aftermarket, EMBA. “Our technicians have been well received and they experience that the operators at CartoMicro have been accommodating and solution-oriented throughout the process.”

‘Teach the teacher’ is a successful concept that CartoMicro has implemented, meaning that they have one person that is in charge of the machine and who learns it in more detail and that in turn, trains the others when it comes to run and operate the machine. This also includes the maintenance. “With good guidance from the EMBA trainers and user-friendly maintenance manuals, our work on the machines has flowed satisfactorily. EMBA’s excellent service has been a fundamental factor in continuing to learn and grow together,” concludes Jorge Velázquez Bonilla.

CartoMicro looks towards their future in the corrugated board industry in which one of their targets is to continue to grow within the box manufacturing segment, which with two EMBA Ultima’s gives the right conditions for success.

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