BROHL adds more firepower!

It is not easy to make future orientated decisions in such a time with travel limitations and uncertain prospects due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Brohl Wellpappe made their decision early in 2021 to add another speciality gluer line and opted for a complete solution from Bahmüller of Germany.

The new line consists of a Turbox 2300 and a Powerpacker IV. The aim of this investment is to allow Brohl to achieve the highest level of quality and maximum output in one machine centre.

Shortly before the end of 2021, the Turbox was delivered. Installation and commissioning was undertaken in late October, completed with the installation of a Powerpacker with a fully integrated Mosca strapping  system. The entire line is completed by a state to the art MuK robot palletiser.

The versatile Turbox is well equipped to produce any kind of boxes. Quality control systems like the DFS and ‘Unique Eject’ combine with the latest XTEND³ glue system from Baumer hhs.

One of the key features of the new machine is the smart operation with integrated partitions. The combination with regular folding hooks and ‘Unique Fold’ system allows for more flexible designs, the use of sustainable material and follows the expectations of product designers and customers.

The smart and inherent drive concept with energy saving motors reduce the gap between high performance operation and rising energy costs.

To achieve maximum output at lowest head count along the machine, the subsequent solution was to install a Powerpacker and a MuK robot palletiser.

The Powerpacker IV comes with an integrated Mosca SONIXS 2 head inline strapper. The ‘Performance’ version grants maximum flexibility and reduces the workload of the operators to a minimum. Dedicated for medium and long runs, the solution from Bahmüller fits perfectly with the vision of Brohl.

Sustainable production

Highly efficient, energy saving motors and components support the already launched scheme of carbon foot print reduction in Mayen. The contribution of the Boltersdorf family to create the future for the next generations is clear.

Start-up and training took place within the first days in 2022 – since then the machine has run in three shift production and has had little to no idle time.





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