A strategic digital investment for Atlantic

Today’s manufacturers and converters are at a critical point in corrugated print history. The need for automation and sustainability is paramount, but these needs are joined by those that have always been present: the growing demands of today’s customer, the imminent decline of old equipment, and the balance of delivering the highest quality product while remaining profitable and growing the business. No company is immune to this, but some are more than prepared for it.

Atlantic Packaging Products, located in Scarborough, Ontario, has spent the last 80 years transforming from a small converting plant into one of Canada’s largest and most respected companies, offering customers a total packaging solution. This growth and success can be attributed to strategic business development, continuous devotion to their customers, and their anticipation for the future. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the needs of their customers is at the heart of every decision the company makes and were the driving factors that led them to Durst.

“The decision to invest in Durst for our printing needs was influenced by an extensive five-year search for the optimal solution at Atlantic Packaging,” said Anthony Memme, Digital Print Manager, Atlantic Packaging Products. “We prioritized lithographic-quality output, high speed, flexibility (in graphics and volume), environmental sustainability, and partnering with a well-established manufacturer.”

The most pivotal feature for Atlantic was the digital, single pass technology which aligned directly with their wants and their customers’ needs.

The Delta SPC 130 was developed with the latest generation of single-pass printing, designed for high speed short, medium, and long run jobs. A well-engineered mechanical design offers versatility, durability, and reliability, while giving customers the flexibility to print unique, high-quality graphics for brands with mass customization at a large scale.

Memme commented, “With the Delta SPC 130, we can supply our customers with high-quality products at the necessary volumes and precisely when they need them. This technology provides Atlantic Packaging with the capability to internally produce a more diverse product mix while maintaining greater control over both quality and production timing. The flexibility it offers in terms of varying quantities and graphics has empowered our customers to implement strategic inventory management, thereby enhancing overall cost control. This adaptability also proves invaluable in navigating rapidly changing market conditions and addressing supply chain issues promptly.”

Durst’s water-based, environmentally friendly inks are fully recyclable and are approved for all major certifications to produce both primary and secondary food packaging. The inks allow premium quality, odorless, abrasion-resistant, glossy, and lightfast end products to be produced. The Delta SPC 130 is equipped with Durst’s award-winning Workflow Software and Analytics Software. This allows the printer to manage all job set up, versioning/variable data and offers excellent color management, streamlining your processes and increasing your production efficiency.

The innovative features of the Delta SPC 130 resolved the wants of Atlantic Packaging, but it was the strategic partnership with another industry leader that solidified the alliance. “The collaboration of two industry leaders [Koenig & Bauer and Durst] resulted in a press that effectively addresses challenges in corrugated printing,” said Memme. “From the initial contact it was evident that their professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment aligned with Atlantic Packaging’s values. Their commitment to fostering a genuine partnership with us, and the success we have seen with the printer continuously reinforces our confidence in Koenig & Bauer Durst.”

As Atlantic Packaging continues to navigate the corrugated print segment and the opportunities of the future, they do so with the technology to get them there. “The integration of the Durst SPC into our operations marks not only a significant milestone but also heralds the beginning of a transformative era,” concluded Memme. “Digital printing, epitomized by the SPC, is undeniably the future of high-quality print on corrugated materials, poised to revolutionize this segment of our business. As we witness the initial impacts and benefits of this technology, it becomes clear that we are merely scratching the surface of its potential. This collaboration with Durst is more than just adopting a cutting-edge press; it is a strategic investment in the future of our business.”


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