A global first goes to Germany!

With the commissioning of the NOVAFOLD 110, PerWa GbR, based in Ettenheim, Germany, has elevated its production process to a new level since mid-2022.

“I have always been happy to take on a pioneering role in the market to provide customers with the latest technological possibilities. The Novafold 110 fits into this picture,” explains Umberto Pericolini. He, along with his daughter Jasmin, has been the owner of the cardboard and packaging manufacturer since October 2018, currently employing five people.

PerWa is highly valued by its main customers, primarily located in the region around the Baroque city of Ettenheim, for its flexibility and creativity. The company is known for catering to the individual requirements of its customers, especially in small production runs. It maintains long-term partnerships, particularly with clients in the food, textile, pharmaceutical, and other industrial sectors. Some of the packaging products manufactured in Ettenheim are delivered to customers in other European countries.

“We have opened up new possibilities in the production of 4 and 6-corner boxes with the Novafold 110, among other special packaging applications. This enhanced capability also extends to automatic bottom cartons, and a notable example is the production of meat packaging with pocket folds,” Pericolini adds, highlighting areas where the company can now accept orders it might have turned down in the past. Additionally, PerWa can process most materials used in folding carton production with the machine.

The Novafold 110 offers flexibility in terms of order sizes for PerWa, with a production speed of up to 300 m/min. The machine’s user-friendly interface enables short setup times, allowing PerWa to produce its customers’ small orders more efficiently than ever.

Pericolini notes, “We store repeat orders in the control system of the Novafold 110 and can recall them at any time with the press of a button. This has further reduced our setup times for these orders.” Large orders pose no challenge for the company either. “During the commissioning phase, we produced an order for 750,000 folding cartons for a customer with the new gluer,” recalls Pericolini.

“At first, Bobst was not really on our radar. However, competitors responded slowly to our request for a folder-gluer. So, we approached Bobst; the company responded immediately and recommended its then-brand-new NOVAFOLD 110,” reflects Pericolini on the spring of 2022. Shortly afterwards, he visited the Competence Center in Switzerland to see the machine, equipped with nearly all available options, in practical operation. “It was immediately clear to me that with the flexibility, performance, reliability, and ease of use of the Novafold 110, we are positioning ourselves for the future. So, right there on the spot, we agreed to take over the demo machine. Three months later, it was delivered,” says Pericolini.

Potential for new growth

The folder gluer at PerWa is equipped with a crash-lock module, a device for 4 and 6-cornered boxes, and a minimal device for folding smaller cartons up to 35mm. The machine’s pre-breaker allows the company to optimise the production of inserts for packaging. Thanks to the pre-breaking, the inserts can be set up more easily for customers. In addition, it is equipped with a longer press band. “For some orders, we process bulky 500gsm board. To ensure reliable adhesion, they need a little more time to dry. We achieve this with the longer press band,” notes Pericolini. All these features contribute to PerWA offering its customers various new possibilities, allowing the company to venture into new market segments.

In addition to custom packaging products, PerWa offers its own range of different cartons and packaging. This includes specimen folders and boards for laboratory items, which, depending on customer preferences, require significant effort in production due to the 2mm thick board. Over the years, such packaging products often came from Asia, but they are now increasingly being manufactured again in Ettenheim. Another example is pillow boxes, which can be printed or embellished with embossing. PerWa’s customers also include local printing companies, for which the company glues die-cut pieces with its Novafold 110. All of this demonstrates the broad range of requirements that the company can address with its innovative technology.


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