A ‘Game-Changing Experience’ for Qualvis

When it comes to introducing new machinery into a business, simplicity and support are key. This is what Qualvis found when it decided to partner with BOBST on upgrading its die-cutting equipment. ​

After a two-decade-long relationship with its previous equipment supplier, Qualvis felt the need to explore innovative solutions in the market. Intrigued by the reputation as a reliable converting equipment provider, Qualvis promptly agreed to visit Bobst’s state-of-the-art demo centre.

The hands-on experience at the demo site was nothing short of transformative for Qualvis. So impressed was the team with the NOVACUT 106 E – a die-cutting machine known for its versatility and efficiency – that it opted to acquire not one, but two of these machines simultaneously. Additionally, Qualvis invested in Bobst’s platen condition kit, empowering its operators to maintain peak performance levels.

Marcus Short, (pictured left) Joint Managing Director, Qualvis, said, “Bobst’s demo centre allowed us to rigorously test the machines, and having tested two challenging jobs, they passed with flying colours. The entire process reaffirmed that we were making the right choice.”

The Novacut 106 E offers converters a system capable of delivering both productivity and versatility without compromise. The operator-friendly machine ensures great product quality while helping converters save time and money, with a high level of automation increasing uptime and precision. Combined with access to Bobst tooling solutions, and the service and spare parts networks, the Novacut 106 E offers a truly agile solution.

Qualvis has also benefited from training provided by the Swiss OEM. Having never taken part in official training before, Qualvis operators were each doing everything slightly differently. Bobst also provided invaluable training to Qualvis operators, standardising procedures and introducing new areas of expertise like zonal patching and regular maintenance. As a result, Qualvis has already begun to experience remarkable efficiency gains.

“At the demo centre, we saw that even our difficult jobs could run at top speeds on the Bobst machines – we’re really hitting those top speeds in the manufacturing environment,” said Short. “We can’t fault the quality of the machines. They look absolutely fantastic in our company.

Short concluded, “The due diligence of Bobst is encouraging, so we know we’ll be choosing the right machine for our company. We know that they’re trustworthy and we won’t be over-sold. We feel it’s a great customer-supplier relationship.”

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