75th Anniversary Celebrations for Hinojosa

Hinojosa Packaging Group has held a series of open days in all its plants – located in Spain, France and Portugal – to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the company. Employees had the opportunity to show their family members the plant production process and participate in activities related to corrugated board as a circular raw material.

The company used these open days to share its renewed corporate purpose to promote the common good through sustainable packaging solutions. Under the slogan ‘Adding value to what’s inside’, Hinojosa safeguards the value of the products inside their packaging while taking care of everything outside of them: their employees, customers, the local communities where they work, and the planet.

This value proposition serves as a reference for the company to address the challenges of the future, in order to keep growing with their customers, expanding their range of sustainable products and entering into new markets.

Founded by Rafael Hinojosa Sanchís

Hinojosa was founded in 1947 in Xàtiva (Valencia) by Rafael Hinojosa Sanchís, who envisioned the different applications of corrugated board, its evolution towards packaging, and furthermore the application of screen printing that allows the customisation of products for every customer.

Hinojosa currently has 2,500 employees in 20 production plants located in Spain, France and Portugal. Its continual growth is based on the pillars of innovation, specialisation, customer orientation and proximity.

People and the planet

One of the four pillars of the strategic plan of the company is sustainability, with a clear commitment to decarbonisation. In 2021, the company reduced its carbon footprint by 26.1%, made greater use of raw materials of renewable origin and increased waste recovery.

Furthermore, the company is committed to caring for people, with initiatives to attract and develop talent. They also partner with communities where they have a presence, generating a positive environmental and social impact. This year, one highlight was the launch of a corporate volunteer program that integrates workers into the development of the CSR strategy through charitable actions.

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