40th Anniversary for Hatteras

Hatteras celebrates its 40th anniversary this month, November, 2023. From its humble beginnings, Hatteras has evolved into a printing and carton converting powerhouse, known for its diverse, print-based marketing and packaging solutions and customer service.

Established in 1983 as a small offset print shop by founder, Charlie Duerr, Hatteras set out with a singular vision: to provide high-quality printing solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. As the company commemorates four decades of success, it stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and client-centric values.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone and reflect on the incredible journey that brought us here,” said Bill Duerr, President, who took over the day-to-day leadership of the business in 2016. “Our success is deeply rooted in our commitment to understanding and evolving alongside our clients. This anniversary is not just about the years we’ve spent in business, but about the relationships we’ve built and the challenges we’ve overcome together.”

Bill Duerr, President, Hatteras.

Over the years, Hatteras has navigated the dynamic landscape of the printing industry with adaptability and foresight. What began as a modest operation has flourished into a comprehensive printing hub, equipped with cutting-edge offset, digital and large format print capabilities complemented by in-house mailing, fulfillment and warehousing services with the goal of meeting the ever-evolving demands of its customer base.

“If it was easy, everyone would do it,” said Charlie Duerr, who steered the company through multiple recessions, shifts in print technologies, and the overall evolution of the industry. As the Hatteras employees are well-acquainted with Charlie’s mantra, “if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will,” it’s been a foundational belief that’s guided Charlie to continuously invest in diversifying the business to enhance its mix of services.

Today, Hatteras has become synonymous with printing excellence, consistently delivering top-notch solutions to clients across pharmaceutical, retail, beauty and wellness, food and beverage, and financial services industries. From investing in staff and equipment, to embracing technological advancements, the company has stayed at the forefront of the industry, ensuring its clients receive the best possible services.

“What I like to think about is how many people drive by our facility every day without knowing all of the amazing work we’re producing for some of the world’s best-known brands,” said Michael Noerr, Chief Marketing Officer who joined the company in 2018. “From larger-than-life retail graphics, direct mail, to custom packaging and influencer kits, our work is seen by millions of people every day, whether in a store, online, or in their homes.”

As Hatteras looks towards the future, it remains dedicated to maintaining its legacy of quality, innovation, and customer service excellence. The 40th anniversary celebration serves as a moment to express gratitude to clients, partners, and most of all, the dedicated team that has played an integral role in the company’s success.

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