Folding Carton

In-line on a Komori press

U.S. based Wallace Carlson Printing has deployed Color-Logic technologies that enable it to produce metallic and dimensional effects on the paper and paperboard used in its print and packaging applications. This new investment strengthens its technology portfolio and enhances customers’ ability to differentiate and protect their brands. 

“We’re running the Color-Logic system, with its 250 metallic ink colors on our Komori H-UV eight-color press using the Toyo Kaleido expanded gamut inkset. It’s a production setup that’s unmatched in the industry, and it’s producing dramatic results,” said Charlie Cox, COO of Wallace Carlson, a Color-Logic Premier offset printer. “Our ability to license the Color-Logic Design Suite to our customers allows us to onboard them quickly and accelerate their time to market.” 

Wallace Carlson customers and their design teams leverage the Color-Logic Design Suite to add metallic inks and decorative effects to their communications materials and packaging. In addition to delivering the tools and color palettes via Photoshop and Illustrator plug-ins, the Design Suite provides a 3D viewer that enables designers and prepress staff to see metallic effects before going to press. Wallace Carlson also uses the Color-Logic Design Suite in its own design department.