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Marbach Markets Marbapoint

With its stripping technologies, the Germany-based die manufacturer Marbach has an extensive portfolio of smooth processes and waste-free stripping. An important product and the basic requirement for a stable stripping process is the precision set-up aid marbapoint. The male and female strippers are precisely positioned in relation to each other. The marbapoint is therefore a simple and cost-effective way to optimize the setup process.

Sales manager Bernhard Reisser explains, “Our customers who use the marbapoint are all enthusiastic about the shorter set-up time, the simple handling and the increased security of their stripping process.” Reisser continues, “To ensure that the stripping process runs optimally during packaging production, the cutting sheet as well as the male and female stripper must be optimally positioned in relation to each other. Failing this, the process can be disrupted. The conventional set-up of a stripping tool is quite complicated and time-consuming. But not so with marbapoint. The exact positioning of the male and female stripper is easy. It is simply plugged into a socket in the upper tool and switched on. A specially calibrated laser beam, which is directed at a centering cross on the lower part, shows the user the optimum position of male stripper to female stripper. This is quick and easy. Our customers not only save time during setup, but are also able to lay the foundation for an optimum stripping process with maximum productivity and waste-free operation.”