Jarshire makes the case versus Torque Core Chucks

Represented in the UK by Jarshire, Mecoval chucks can be customised to meet specific end-user and OEM needs. In operation, the chucks expand when the reel stand arms close, guaranteeing that the lugs expand concentric and true, gripping the core perfectly. With no internal components that can collapse or become adversely affected by dust, little maintenance is required. 

“Torque core chucks are based on complicated designs that can sometimes make them prone to excessive wear and dust accumulation,” explains Nick Jobson, Jarshire Corrugating Division director. He continues, “The Mecoval Total Grip Core Chuck is a simple Serco-inspired design with minimal internal parts, making them more durable and less susceptible to the damaging effects of dust and the wear and tear of heavy use.”

The lugs in Mecoval Core Chucks activate with the closing of the roll-stand. When the cone is pressed towards the chuck base the simplified internal mechanism forces the lugs out, ensuring a firm, consistent grip throughout the production run.

Mecoval's Total Grip Core Chuck