Folding Carton

iCoat coater to work in-line with an HP Indigo 10000 digital sheet-fed press

Tresu Americas has confirmed the first order for an iCoat coater to work in-line with an HP Indigo 10000 digital sheet-fed press. Sold together, the iCoat and HP Indigo 10000 will be delivered early in 2016 to a customer location in North Eastern region of the USA. Capable of seamlessly integrating in-line with a digital sheet-fed press for folding carton and/or commercial printing applications, the iCoat provides an efficient way of applying protective and aesthetically enhancing coatings in a single-pass after the printing operation.
The iCoat features a flexo unit that can apply spot or flood varnishes on board material between 180 and 500gsm at up to 5000 sheets / hour. Furthermore, it is optimised for fast setup times thanks to 'tool-less' quick-change sleeve technology and its ability to switch easily between UV and aqueous varnish sets.
In addition to this, Tresu Americas has received two orders for chillers to provide process temperature control on the HP Indigo 10000 press format. Tresu Group has a special chilling solution available for all Series 4 press formats (10000, 20000, and 30000) from HP Indigo.
Scott Hibbs, President of Tresu Americas, comments, “The iCoat’s capability for seamless integration and high performance at speed provides the basis for a lean digital sheet-fed workflow. This in turn allows commercial and packaging printers to offer high-value short-run printing solutions, uniquely possible by the digital process, such as personalised product campaigns, serialised products and even samples on demand.”