The benefits of 'Corrugate Matrix'

Corrugate Matrix from UK-based C&T Channel Matrix is specifically dedicated to the corrugated board industry. It was designed to help eliminate costly cracking, registration, runnability and adhesion problems normally associated with creasing corrugated board. It has a 45 degree internal chamfer which avoids the need for a die-cutting technician to sand or add an internal chamfer on the inside of the crease channel. This gives a consistent finished product that helps reduce splitting of liners.

Many independent corrugated converters have seen 'Corrugate Matrix' improve their production process over recent years, including the UK-based Reedbut Group that operates four plants. Stuart Deaton (Group Operations Director) at Reedbut explains how Corrugate and C&T’s industry expertise has helped them to improve setup times and procedures and maintain the life of the forme even between runs. “C&T's 'Corrugate' helps us standardise our production eliminating the need for the die press operators to spend time on press trying to manipulate the creasing matrix to get a good result. There are many benefits with having a product that’s manufactured specifically for the corrugated sector.”

Reedbut uses 'Corrugate' on all of its flatbed machines and its Cuir inline print and die-cutting machines with great results. Deaton adds, “We also see good results on our Bobst gluers with better speeds and quality results for every box which is totally square, eliminating fish tailing.”

However, for Reedbut it is not only the quality products that C&T offer, but the level of expertise and technical know-how which has continued to impress and assist them over the last few years. “C&T is always available to offer practical advice as well as leading industry products. We have received in-house training at several of our sites where a C&T technician has sat with our operators to problem solve and also to train new operators on issues such as patch-up, over-nicking and how to improve setting up procedures. This advice has been invaluable to us at Reedbut to improve both the efficiency and quality of our production,” concludes Deaton.