Dong Fang and Eterna Installations

Peter Ingham of UK based East Lancs Box explains, “In 2009 we took stock of our business and our customer’s requirements and realised, to meet the ever-changing demands, we needed to offer both better quality print and more than two colour print. At that time, only 35% of our output was printed.” After researching the market place, they decided to purchase a 4 colour Topra Printer from M&K Trading.

“In September 2016 we again took stock of our business and established that 95% of our business was now printed and realised that, should the Topra break down, our factory would grind to a halt in less than 24 hours. A decision was made to invest in another Topra Printer, as the quality / reliability and service we received on our existing press met and exceeded all our expectations,” said Mr Ingham. “In late December 2016 we placed an order, again with M & K Trading, but this time for a 5 colour printer that arrived a month early on Monday 26th June. It was fully installed in a week and was up and running on Monday 3rd July and quickly started producing top quality work.”

At the same time as ordering the new Topra, the company realised that to cater for the new printing capacity they needed another die-cutter, to compliment their existing two Bobst 160 Visions. “We decided to buy an Eterna Elite Automatic Die-Cutter (Eterna is a member of the Bobst Family) that arrived a month early at the beginning of May. A week after delivery, the Eterna was in full production.

To house the new Topra Printer the company has had to relocate their gluing department to a 16,000 square foot unit less than a mile away. “Our original site at Spring Street is now solely printing and die-cutting and with our recent investments we now have extra capacity to offer confidential trade printing and die-cutting,” says Mr Ingham. “We have our own in-house art department where, from a customer’s marketing concept idea, we can create artwork and supply individual digitally printed samples prior to printing the full job. Our gluing department also has extra capacity and so we now offer other packaging companies a strictly confidential gluing service.”

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