Ideal for short to medium runs

Baysek Machines have launched a new die-cutter aimed at the short-to-medium run market, with the first installation being installed at a large independent sheet plant in the USA.

A simple, yet intelligent design with standard components such as touch screen control, the fully automatic EL-150 requires only one operator. Standard specifications include various modes of operation – single cycle, continuous cycle and variable speed control with no make ready required. Job change overs can be accomplished in as little as 10 mins, combined with affordable pricing and low maintenance costs, a quick-return on investment can be expected.

Robert Jess, UK & Europe Sales Executive for Baysek, says, “The new EL-150 machine has the same cutting principles as the flagship C170 model, providing nick free, angel hair free die-cutting with fully automatic waste removal. Finished parts exit the machine accurately counted and stacked, offering significant time savings as no further finishing process is required – the stack/bundles are ready to ship directly from the machine.”

The ability to cut a wide variety of substrates ranging from microflute to doublewall corrugated, solid and coated board, foil/foam/print laminated sheets, as well as large format displays, makes the EL-150 a most versatile machine. The standard EL-150 has a maximum sheet size of 1220 x 1320mm and can be custom built for the die-cutting of larger sheets.

Jess concludes, “This machine is the perfect replacement for costly labour intensive manual or semi-automatic die-cutters, we even have customers who operate two of our machines side by side with just one operator.” He can be contacted on