Cooperative Training Partnership

The looming shortage of skilled workers calls for a high level of commitment in recruitment and staff development from companies in highly industrialised regions, particularly in technical professions. With this in mind, the independent Klingele Group are embarking on a cooperative training partnership. The aim is to improve the qualifications of budding technical skilled workers in both companies. The focus will be on the packaging technologist and industrial mechanic training professions at Klingele’s Remshalden plant and on the industry mechanic training profession for process engineering at Bahmüller. 

In accordance with the cooperative partnership, which was formalised on July 19th, the training within the alliance will ensure certain learning content in the future that cannot be adequately provided by the individual companies. In addition, new practical content will be integrated into the training plan. The trainees will therefore acquire comprehensive and broad-based technical qualifications due to the specialist nature of the companies involved. The deployment in the respective partner companies – with new issues and colleagues – should allow young employees to improve their social skills and learn to work flexibly in different work situations. 

Klingele and Bahmüller have already developed the programme for the new initiative. In the future, Klingele packaging technologists will complete their basic training with 12 weeks in the metal working department at Bahmüller, acquiring skills such as turning and milling. This aims to give the Klingele trainees and future machine operators a deeper understanding of the corrugated board processing systems and allow them to carry out minor repair and maintenance work independently at a later date. 

In return, the budding Bahmüller trainees from the process engineering department will gain an in-depth insight into the production and processing of corrugated board at Klingele in their second year of training. They will pass through all production-relevant areas, ranging from packaging development, production planning and the production and processing of corrugated board to the laboratory. The aim is for this deployment to last for a period of up to nine months. 

Bahmüller hopes that the newly created industrial mechanic training profession, with a focus on process engineering, will allow trainees to gain an in-depth insight into the demands in the corrugated board sector right at the start of their professional career. In future, the industrial mechanics will work as process engineers in the folding box area and in the flexo folder gluer segment, which are sold in partnership with Göpfert under the name of BGM Bahmüller & Göpfert. Supplementary training will also be offered in electrical engineering and in perfecting a foreign language.

Despite Industry 4.0 and the “Internet of Things”, machine operators will be an important link in the 3M factors – material, machine and man – in the future. In this way, the machine manufacturer strengthens the customer focus within its team and lays the foundation on which products and services will then continue to be closely geared to customer requirements in the future. 

However, full consideration is also given to theory as well as ‘practical element’. In the future, the Klingele industrial mechanics will also be prepared for the intermediate and final exams at Bahmüller. 

Sharing Know-How 
Klingele and Bahmüller have been successful in their specific market segments for decades and both place value on high-quality training in order to continue offering their customers innovative products and services in the future. Both companies have been closely interlinked for many years and their cooperation extends beyond the normal customer-supplier relationship. Bahmüller has been supplying corrugated board processing machines to Klingele for decades; Klingele in turn tests new Bahmüller developments, amongst other things. Both companies are located just a few kilometres away from each other in Remstal. 

“Requirements have changed significantly in the past few years, especially for our packaging technologists. However, if they can successfully combine market and customer know-how, with technology know-how this will open up interesting prospects. We are therefore taking a further step through our cooperative partnership with Bahmüller and offering our young employees even more attractive and diverse training programmes”, confirms Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group. 

“We want to continue offering our customers and business partners innovative ideas and new developments in the future – that’s why we are actively investing in the training and continuing the education of our employees and trainees. We are pleased that we have once again succeeded in doing this with the new cooperative training partnership with Klingele,” states Michael Holtmann, CEO at Bahmüller.

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