Folding Carton

The Heidelberg diecutter will help U.S. company expand

As a marketing service provider, Prisma Graphic has a wide variety of diverse customers with a range of individual needs. With the company’s recent installation of the Promatrix 106 CSB from Heidelberg, the Phoenix, Arizona, company now has the increased flexibility it needs to expand in the folding carton market.

After reviewing its workload, Prisma Graphic discovered that 85% of its packaging jobs required diecutting, stripping and blanking, so the company decided to replace its older diecutter with the new, automated Promatrix 106 CSB. Whether it’s packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hospitality or food, Prisma Graphic is able to cover it all. 

“We needed a machine that was going to balance our workload between our packaging, online, and traditional print jobs,” said Bob Anderson, CEO. “The Promatrix is great because it allows us to do all of the diecutting and packaging jobs we need to do quickly and efficiently both in short and long runs.” 

Only a few months after installation, Prisma Graphic has already seen a 35% productivity increase and a 50% reduction in makeready time. With the machine’s non-stop feeder and delivery as well as the plate logistics system in the delivery, the new diecutter eliminates stops between pallet changes while still being able to process pallets with typical pile heights found in the folding carton environment.