Boxes & Packaging opt for Dong Fang

A major investment to replace an old flexo printer has been successfully completed at Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster). A Dong Fang Topra AD1628 has been installed and commissioned by M & K Trading and produced its first boxes just a matter of days after installation. Machine operators were given detailed training and it is expected that full production capacity will be achieved shortly as a two-shift operation commences to cope with an increase in demand.

“The installation of this new machine has significantly changed the capabilities of the Doncaster site in terms of quality and volume,” said Stuart Clarke, Managing Director, Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster). “Dong Fang have a proven track record in the industry and our expectations are high in terms of what the machine will deliver to facilitate further ongoing growth at our site.”

The Topra AD1628 is capable of running at 10,000 sheets per hour and has two colour printing and rotary die-cut capabilities. The specification also includes vacuum transfer and Serrapid tool technology to vastly improve set up times. It is anticipated that productivity will increase upwards of 60% in comparison to the de-commissioned machine.

Derek Short, Production Manager at Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster) added, “This is an exciting time in Doncaster’s 40-year history and one which the team have embraced. It has been a significant transition period to transform the capabilities of the business and we shall look forward to the next chapter with enthusiasm.”

As part of the overall project, a new pallet press has been installed and additional materials handling amendments to support the increase in production.